This page is an informal repository of resources, readings, links, and documents that I find useful for teaching and research.

Book of the month reading list

Africa related books by foreign correspondents and journalists

I am compiling a list of Africa related books (memoir, travelogue, fiction, non-fiction etc.) written by foreign correspondents and journalists. You can access the list here:

Contact me at tnothias(at)stanford(dot)edu to let me know any book(s) that should be added to the list !

Other Online Resources

  • “This Week in Africa”, a weekly bulletin that curates news about democracy, development, and daily life across Africa.
  • “Africa is a Country”, an outlet that features online commentary, original writing, media criticism, videos, audio, and photography, and that has become one of the leading intellectual voices in the African–particulary from the left–online media sphere.
  • “Decolonising the University: The African Politics Reading List”, this reading list is collated in solidarity with those who are currently attempting to decolonise the university across Africa, and beyond.
  • Africa update, a newsletter on politics and culture in Africa.